New York Strip Steak

1 or 2 trays of thick cut New York strip steak (each tray brings three steaks)
Badia Complete seasoning
McCormick's Sea salt grinder
McCormick's Peppercorn grinder
Sazon Goya con azafran 1 packet
Extra virgin olive oil or grape seed oil

Notes: Depending on your family size you can add more or less steaks. I have three men living in my house so I cook a lot and in large quantities. I grew up in a home where steaks were cleaned with lemon and left to saturate the steaks for 30 minutes. I find that the lemons hardens the steak, makes it tough and chewy once cooked, removes the natural beef flavor, and dries the steak. Therefore, I choose to skip that step but you can add it if that's your preference.

Season both sides of the steaks and coat the steaks with the seasoning above. Make sure to evenly spread the seasoning on each side. I suggest to add gloves or wash your hands immediately after handling the azafran because it stains. Leave the steaks in the fridge for an hour or over night to let the seasoning seep into the steaks. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I let them sit for 30 minutes instead and add salt, peppercorn, to the extra virgin olive oil (or grape seed oil which great for frying and avoid the strong olive oil scent when frying and it burns less rapidly) on the skillet in high heat. This allows extra flavors to seep into the steaks while cooking. You can also do this step for any meats and seafood you're cooking. I sometimes add 1/4 stick of organic unsalted butter to the skillet for a buttery flavor. You can skip this step if you want to have a lean meal. I cook well done steaks for 9-10 min on each side, medium well for 7-8 min on each side, and medium rare for 5-6 minutes on each side. This is based on cooking with extra virgin olive oil or grape seed oil. Other cooking oils varies as their burning rate differs.